Oliver Llobet
Born in the high Catalan Pyrenees (Farrera 1982)
Oliver lived his childhood in an environment of freedom in the middle of nature.
In the early 90’s he was taught drawing and painting by the visual artist Francesc Abad. The artistic sensibility was given down at home from Oliver’s mother Cesca Gelabert, a painter. In 1995 his parents began to manage the “Centre d’Art i Natura d’Farrera” a work residence for artist and researchers from around the world.
Oliver came into contact with the artist that passed through the house and their creative process on an everyday basis. After a period of travel, study and sports on the river and in the snow Oliver sat up his first workshop in Farrera in 2011 and began to explore his creativity through reusing agricultural materials and old tools. He lived a few years between Catalonia and Austria and during this time he met his wife Anna. In 2014 they moved to Jämtland, Sweden.
From the new and white workshop in Hällne, Jämtland he perfected his work method finding new interesting materials from Swedish agricultural and forestry machinery and tools. His conception of life, committed to ecology and straddling pragmatism and artistic practice led him to specialize in the creation of functional pieces, all kind of lamps, furniture and other sculptural objects.
His pieces are authentic and unique, they move in an exquisite balance between art and functionality, between contemporary creation and the reuse of rural heritage.